immagine del dna CRS4 Biosciences research and development is focused on finding ways to make effective use of the big amount of data that flows from biomedical labs and high-throughput experiments. We work with connecting data to knowledge, improving NGS technology, integrating and standardizing vast amounts of data coming from heterogeneous sources, developing new data analysis approaches and building enabling technologies to bring all of this to biomedical and life science researchers.

Sector Head: Giorgio Fotia Contact:


Data Engineering & Computing Modeling & Simulation Next Generation Sequencing Core

Data-Intensive Computing

The Data-Intensive Computing group at CRS4 strives to address the challenge of extracting useful information from mountains of data. The technology permeating every modern activity creates disparate data sources that provide heterogenous points of view on any given process. Our work advances the state-of-the-art methods and technologies to collect these points of view and integrate them into a single understandable perspective. Our applications span from the collection and distributed analysis of large clinical and industrial process datasets to sophisticated tracking of provenance information in health-related and biological studies. They all have a common denominator: scalable and interoperable computing solutions.

Sector Head: Gianluigi Zanetti Enrico Gobbetti Contact:


Distributed Computing Digital Health

Strategic Partnerships

The task of this sector is to design, implement, manage and develop the service delivery platforms for high performance computing (HPC) and ICT with the aim of responding to the different needs of users of the center and the community it serves inside or outside the Technology Park Polaris.

Sector Head: Lidia Leoni Contact:


Progetti e Servizi Territoriali High Performance Computing Progetti TLC Valorisation and Transfer of Knowledge

HPC for Energy & Environment

IMMAGINI-SITO-EXPERTISEenergie2 The challenges set by energy efficiency, renewable energy, exploration geophysics, sustainable land use and natural resources management are gravely important for industrial innovation, regional economy and social development. These challenges can best be met by incorporating the contributions of science and technology into interdisciplinary solutions that can benefit greatly from mathematical modelling, high performance computing (HPC) and information and communication technology (ICT). The resulting software spans a wide range of answers and gives rise to leading applications and optimised services deployed on state-of-the-art infrastructures.

Sector Head: Ernesto Bonomi Contact:


Environmental Sciences Imaging and Numerical Geophysics Smart Energy Systems


Information Society

dito puntato verso touch screenWe belong to the "Information Society". Advanced mobile devices and pervasive high-speed Internet, at work, at home, anywhere, are continuously transfoming our society. Our main expertise is in digital content technologies, interaction design, geoweb and internet of things, search and mobile, for designing and developing some of the "next" applications in the fields of tourism, tv, home, etc.

Sector Head: Pietro Zanarini Contact:


Collaborative and Social Environments Content Technologies & Information Management Educational Technology Game-based Interaction and Technologies Internet of Things and Energy Efficiency Technologies Natural Interaction and Knowledge Management Technologies Smart Environments and Technologies

Visual Computing

Visual Computing activities focus on the study, development, and application of scalable technology for acquiring, creating, distributing, exploring, and analyzing complex objects and environments, as well as for integrating them in real-time interactive visual simulations and virtual environments. Our research is widely published in major journals and conferences, and many of the developed technologies have been used in as diverse real-world applications as internet geoviewing, scientific data analysis, surgical training, and cultural heritage study and valorization. Many of the research activities are carried out in the framework of international collaborations.

Sector Head: Enrico Gobbetti Contact:


Visual Computing Group Visual Computing Lab

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