Electromagnetic Imaging and Acoustic Reconstruction


Ernesto Bonomi, valorisation@crs4.it



Seismic reflection is a methodology that allows the description of the structural aspects and the characterization of various soil properties, even at considerable depths. In the engineering field it is used for the monitoring of environmental risks (eg. contamination of the subsoil) both at a large scale and in confined areas. However, the complexity of the data acquisition procedure in the field makes it a very expensive technique in terms of time and resources, and for this reason it is underutilized compared to its true potential. Indeed, the quality of the reconstruction of the subsurface profile depends on a sequence of complex processing modules that requires an amount of time incompatible with the times and costs of the experimental campaign of data acquisition. Data quality is often controlled only at the end of the acquisition process and that means it can be suboptimal compared to the analysis purposes, thus making it necessary to repeat the operation.


The EIAGRID application is designed to allow the user to obtain a characterization of the subsurface by means of a rapid processing of the experimental signal (acoustic and electromagnetic waves) via a flexible computing service. The service is accessible over the Web with a workflow that the user, on the basis of the analysis requirements, may compose assembling the various operations made available by the application. The service provides an innovative solution to the traditional method of processing seismic data, allowing the input of the data and their optimization directly on the acquisition site through the use of a mobile device (computer, smartphone, tablet) connected via the Internet at the CRS4 center of high performance computing.

Innovative features

  • data input and remote processing is performed via any mobile device (computer, smartphone, tablet) connected via the Internet to EIAGRID portal, based on the stacking technology Common-Reflection-Surface (CRS);
  • access to the CRS4 high-performance computing center allows to test in parallel several data sequences and parameter configurations in order to drastically reduce the time necessary for the completion of the seismic analysis;
  • managing and sharing data in an user controlled access allow to remotely manage projects, results, calculation sequences and analysis (workflow) and parameter configurations in a transparent way and with reproducible results over time, and to foster the collaboration among researchers and technicians, located in remote places.

Potential users

Personnel with technical and scientific knowledge in the field of seismic reflection belonging to monitoring and environmental protection agencies, environmental research centers, archaeological research centers, etc.

Impact sectors

Environmental monitoring services specialized in identifying risks associated with solid waste disposals - Hydrological services engaged in the delineation of aquifers and estimates of hydrological parameters (porosity, water content in soils) - Seismic and geotechnical engineering services for the characterization of landslides and the presence of microfaults etc.

Other resources

  1. SMARTGEO portal
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