A real-time telemedicine system.


Francesca Frexia, Vittorio Meloni, Mauro Del Rio, Gianluigi Zanetti. E-mail:


Tele-health, when supported by solid economic and organizational design, can promote new care models (like hub-and-spoke distribution or home monitoring), fostering a rational and effective use of investments. Standard telemedicine technology proves its validity in several contexts, but is generally unsuitable to situations involving operator-dependent diagnostic techniques – it is not sufficient simply to store and send images, it also needs the timely application of specific expertise in order to complete the examination. Real-time solutions are usually proprietary and expensive and requires dedicated networks.


This real-time low cost telemedicine platform is able to support clinicians with the tele-presence of a specialist in real-time during echocardiographic evaluations. The developed platform allows echocardiographic exams to be performed remotely, without physical interaction between the patient and the specialist. The ultrasound analysis is operated by a third doctor who physically visits the patient, while the specialist guides the operator directly, viewing the echographic output and the examination scene at the same time. The system has proven its diagnostic value in trials in Sardinia and in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Also an AR (Augmented Reality) support has been introduced in the system to guide operators during examinations.

Innovative features

  • Open-source platform realised with commercial-off-the-shelf components that can be used also with older ultrasound devices, as the only requirement for the device is the presence of a video output. The platform has two versions, desktop (apple based) and mobile (android based).

Potential users

Researchers, developers, medical / paramedical and technical personnel in health care facilities, teachers and students in clinical / health disciplines, company professionals engaged in clinical information technology.

Impact sectors

Health - ICT

Other resources

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