High Performance Computing

CRS4 offers support for research to the scientific community also through the High Performance Computing, thanks to a constantly updated computing center. The HPC group supports researchers and users, also in the industrial sector, providing adequate services that will suit all their needs.
The computing power theoretically attainable, obtained with X86_64 architecture clusters, GPU accelerators, MIC and FPGA exceeds the value of 240 TFlops, divided as follows:

  • Dell cluster with AMD firepro 54 Tflops acceletors
  • Huawei cluster 14,5 TFlops
  • Intel Phi cluster 10 TFlops
  • GPU Nvidia Kepler K40 34 Tflops
  • GPU NVidia Kepler 90 TFlops
  • HP Cluster 7,0 TFlops
  • FPGA Maxeler
  • IBM Cluster and other resources 3 TFlops

The most recent CRS4 high performance computing acquisitions are:

  1. Sparky Cluster, beowulf, based on Intel Haswell, with 10 nodes with AMD firepro 9150 accelerators, connessions Infiniband FDR.
  2. Huawei Cluster general purpouse, based on Intel Ivy Bridge, 33 nodes with the following characterics:
    • CPU ten-core Intel E5-2680V2, 2600Mhz
    • 128 GB RAM DDR3 ECC
    • two GB Ethernet port Broadcom BCM5720
    • HD 600 GB 10000 rpm
    • InfiniBand Mellanox MT27500 ConnectX-3 interface
  3. A small Intel PHI cluster for studying the new Intel processor
  4. Some small size installations, composed by 14 nodes with 28 Nvidia Kepler GPU accelerators. This cluster has low latency connections (Infiniband QDR), with a variable amount between 64 GB and 128 GB and more of 100 TFlop of theoretical computing power.




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