MONTEPRAMA2: 3D virtual exploration of the Mont'e Prama statues

Funded by: MIBAC/ArcheoCAORReference: ARCHEOCAOR/CRS4 2
Start: 2014-03-01Duration: 9 months
Contractor: CRS4Italy


The "Soprintendenza ai Beni Archologici delle Province di Cagliari e Oristano" and CRS4 commit to a long term scientific and technological research plan on the 3D digitization of the Mont'e Prama statues, aimed at studying and applying innovative methodologies for multiresolution storage, distribution and display. This contract focuses on the second phase of the overall plan, concerning museum exploration. With this project, we introduce a novel user interface and system for exploring extremely detailed 3D models in a museum setting. 3D models and associated information are presented on a large projection surface controlled by a touch-enabled surface placed at a suitable distance in front of it. Two large-scale systems will be installed in Cagliari and Cabras.


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