Visual Computing Laboratory

CRS4 combines a strong research and development program in Visual Computing with the state-of-the-art sensing, interaction, computational and visualization resources of the Visual Computing Lab. Computational and network resources, which include high speed networks and hybrid GPU/CPU clusters, are complemented by state-of-the-art measurement, user interaction and visualization hardware. Acquisition devices include custom camera arrays, long-, medium-, and short-range 3D scanners, as well as custom setups for multi-spectral multi-light acquisition. The range of available display devices goes from 3D printers, to visualization walls and experimental light-field displays delivering fully 3D interactive images to multiple naked-eye observers. In addition, the group regularly works in the field cultural heritage projects, contributing with large scale scanning campaigns and large-scale interactive installations presented in Museums and Exhibitions around Italy and abroad (see, e.g., the Digital Mont'e Prama). Our multimedia page contains a selection of our laboratory productions.