VREPAR2: Psycho-Neuro-Physiological Assessment and Rehabilitation 2

Funded by: EU Fourth Framework ProgramReference: TELEMATICS
Start: 1998-01-01Duration: 24 months
Coordinator: Istituto Auxologico ItalianoItaly
Contractor: IBM SEMEAItaly
Contractor: CRS4Italy
Contractor: ISMRA, CaenFrance


The projects aims at developing virtual reality tools for treating eating disorders, testing their efficacy at a scale of operation representing reality, and disseminitaing the results to an extended audience. The project is also oriented at analyzing and quantifying the markets for virtual reality products and services. CRS4 contributes to this project with a study of the state of the art of virtual environment technology.


[1] Enrico Gobbetti and Riccardo Scateni. Virtual Reality: Past, Present, and Future. In G. Riva, B. K. Wiederhold, and E. Molinari, editors, Virtual Environments in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience: Methods and Techniques in Advanced Patient-Therapist Interaction. Pages 3-20, IOS, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 1998.