AFFINE: Smart Fusion for Indoor Environments

Funded by: RAS - Aiuti per Progetti di Ricerca e Sviluppo - Settore ICTReference: CUP J73C23000150002
Start: 2023-09-01Duration: 24 Months
Coordinator: GEXCELItaly
Contractor: CRS4Italy


The creation of 3D digital models of urban scenarios, and in particular of indoor environments, where man carries out many of his activities and spends most of his time, is of great interest in many industrial application sectors. Obtaining such models, often the basis of Digital Twins, is an enabler for the realization of currently strategic activities. This research project aims to improve the methods of creating digital models starting from data acquired with mobile systems equipped with lasers and spherical cameras. In particular, [a] we will introduce deep learning solutions to densify geometric scans by exploiting the fusion with visual data; [b] we will combine geometric, visual, and odometric data to improve image alignment and location; [c] we will introduce solutions to use the obtained digital models in applications of industrial interest.