Video n. 42

Interactive Stereoscopic Visualization of Volumetric Medical Data via Texture Mapping


Presented at the First International Congress on Computer-Integrated Surgery in the Area od the Head and Spine (CIS'97), Linz, Austria, September 25-27

  • Date: 4/97
  • Duration: 00:08:00
  • Production: CRS4 (I)
  • Encoding: PAL
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    We have developed an experimental medical volume visualization system supporting head-tracked stereoscopic viewing registered with direct 3D interaction. Our aim is to assess the suitability of these techniques for surgical planning tasks in real medical settings. In particular, vascular surgeons examining the distal site of the aneurysmatic sack are assisted by visualizing the artery aneurysm in depth. A better understanding of such complex spatial structures is achieved by incorporatingmotion parallax and stereoscopic cues to depth perception not available from static images. Our display when positioned as a surgical table provides the impression of looking down at the patient in a naturalistic way. With simple head motions, good positions for observing the pathology are quickly established.

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