Video n. 182

EVOCATION: Acquisition, reconstruction, and exploration of paintings from retable of San Bernardino.

Moonisa Ahsan, Fabio Bettio, Enrico Gobbetti, Fabio Marton, Ruggero Pintus, and Antonio Zorcolo

  • Date: July, 2022
  • Production: CRS4
  • Encoding: h264
  • Abstract

    The video illustrates a pilot study carried out by CRS4 during the EVOCATION project. The pilot has been devoted to the capture and visualization of paintings held at the National Gallery (Pinacoteca Nazionale) of Cagliari (Italy), one of the expository sites of the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari. In this work, we have applied the techniques developed by CRS4 during the project to the on-site capture, reconstruction, and web-based multi-layer visualization of the shape and material (BRDFs) of two panel parts of the Retablo S. Bernardino (1455). This retablo is a polyptych originally from the chapel of St. Bernardino in the St. Francesco church in Cagliari, Italy, and currently preserved and displayed at the Pinacotheca. The first analyzed panel, measuring 34x25cm, depicts the prophet Daniel, while the second, measuring about 53x35cm, shows the piety of Christ. Both are painted in oil on a wooden support.

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