V-CITY: The Virtual City

Funded by: EU Seventh Framework ProgramReference: ICT-231199-V-CITY
Start: 2008-12-01Duration: 36 months
Coordinator: CSFrance
Contractor: CGRItaly
Contractor: CNRItaly
Contractor: CRS4Italy
Contractor: ProceduralSwitzerland
Contractor: KU LeuwenBelgium


3D geoinformatics has entered the digital age, hesitantly in some areas, and rampantly in others. Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth are household names. Although limited to landscapes and few buildings envelopes, their massive digital geographic libraries are today the playground of millions of people and the generator of new forms of content and applications with tremendous impact perspectives. However, these pale in comparison to those that will be made possible as soon as urban digital libraries will be fully available and exploitable. The focus of the project on urban environments is not only made possible by the latest technological advances of the consortium, but also highly justified. Urban environments represent one of the most important and valuable cultural heritage as acknowledged by the UNESCO. Therefore, the V-City project aims to research, develop and validate an innovative system integrating the latest advances in Computer Vision, 3D Modelling and Virtual Reality for the rapid and cost-effective reconstruction, visualisation and exploitation of complete, large-scale and interactive urban environments. This system will enable historians, architects or archaeologists to reconstruct from existing data, study, understand, preserve or document urban environments using an innovative interactive 3D user interface. CRS4 is the organization responsible for the visualization of massive urban models.


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Technical Reports

[1] Sung-eui Yoon, Dinesh Manocha, David Kasik, Enrico Gobbetti, Renato Pajarola, and Philipp Slusallek. Interactive Massive Model Rendering. IEEE VisWeek 2009 Course Notes. Atlantic City, NJ, USA, October 2009.