Video n. 67

Virtual Angioscopy for Stent Placement Visualization

E.Gobbetti, M.Tuveri, and E.Neri

Presented at IEEE Visualization, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, October 1998

  • Date: 10/98
  • Duration: 00:04:20
  • Production: CRS4 - University of Pisa - D
  • Master: 004-003-9809
  • Encoding: PAL
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    We have developed an interactive virtual angioscopy tool that takes as input data acquired with standard medical imaging modalities and regards it as a virtual environment to be interactively inspected. The system supports real-time navigation with stereoscopic direct volume rendering and dynamic endoscopic camera control, interactive tissue classification, and interactive point picking for morphological feature measurement. This video-tape illustrates our approach with interactive sequences showing the examination of stent that has been placed in a human popliteal artery.

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