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Real-time deblocked GPU rendering of compressed volumes.

Fabio Marton, Jose Antonio Iglesias Guitian, Jose Diaz, and Enrico Gobbetti

In Proc. 19th International Workshop on Vision, Modeling and Visualization (VMV). Pages 167-174, October 2014

  • Date: October 2014
  • Production: CRS4 - D
  • Encoding: h264
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    The wide majority of current state-of-the-art compressed GPU volume renderers are based on block-transform coding, which is susceptible to blocking artifacts, particularly at low bit-rates. In this paper we address the problem for the first time, by introducing a specialized deferred filtering architecture working on block-compressed data and including a novel deblocking algorithm. The architecture efficiently performs high quality shading of massive datasets by closely coordinating visibility- and resolution-aware adaptive data loading with GPU-accelerated per-frame data decompression, deblocking, and rendering. A thorough evaluation including quantitative and qualitative measures demonstrates the performance of our approach on large static and dynamic datasets including a massive 512^4 turbulence simulation (256GB), which is aggressively compressed to less than 2 GB, so as to fully upload it on graphics board and to explore it in real-time during animation.