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Compression-domain Seamless Multiresolution Visualization of Gigantic Meshes on Mobile Devices.

Marcos Balsa Rodriguez, Enrico Gobbetti, Fabio Marton, and Alex Tinti.

In Proc. ACM Web3D International Symposium, June 2013. ACM Press. New York, NY, USA.

  • Date: June 2013
  • Production: CRS4 - D
  • Encoding: h264
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    We present a software architecture for distributing and rendering gigantic 3D triangle meshes on common handheld devices. Our approach copes with strong bandwidth and hardware capabilities limitations in terms with a compression-domain adaptive multiresolution rendering approach. % The method uses a regular conformal hierarchy of tetrahedra to spatially partition the input 3D model and to arrange mesh fragments at different resolution. We create compact GPU-friendly representations of these fragments by constructing cache-coherent strips that index locally quantized vertex data, exploiting the bounding tetrahedron for creating local barycentic parametrization of the geometry. For the first time, this approach supports local quantization in a fully adaptive seamless 3D mesh structure. For web distribution, further compression is obtained by exploiting local data coherence for entropy coding. % At run-time, mobile viewer applications adaptively refine a local multiresolution model maintained in a GPU by asynchronously loading from a web server the required fragments. CPU and GPU cooperate for decompression, and a shaded rendering of colored meshes is performed at interactive speed directly from an intermediate compact representation using only 8bytes/vertex, therefore coping with both memory and bandwidth limitations. % The quality and performance of the approach is demonstrated with the interactive exploration of gigatriangle-sized models on common mobile platforms.