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Adaptive Quad Patches: an Adaptive Regular Structure for Web Distribution and Adaptive Rendering of 3D Models

Enrico Gobbetti, Fabio Marton, Marcos Balsa Rodriguez, Fabio Ganovelli, and Marco Di Benedetto

In Proc. ACM Web3D International Symposium. Pages 9-16, August 2012. ACM Press. New York, NY, USA. (Best Long Paper Award)

  • Date: August 2012
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    We introduce an approach for efficient distribution and adaptive rendering of 3D mesh models supporting a simple quad parameterization. Our method extends and combines recent results in geometric processing, real-time rendering, and web programming. In particular: we exploit recent results on surface reconstruction and isometric parametrization to transform point clouds into two-manifold meshes whose parametrization domain is a small collection of 2D square regions; we encode the resulting parameterized meshes into a very compact multiresolution structures composed of variable resolution quad patches whose geometry and texture is stored in a tightly packed texture atlas; we adaptively stream and render variable resolution shape representations using a GPU-accelerated adaptive tessellation algorithm with negligible CPU overhead. Real-time performance is achieved on portable GPU platforms using OpenGL, as well as on exploiting emerging web-based environments based on WebGL. Promising applications of the technology range from the automatic creation of rapidly renderable objects for games to the set-up of browsable 3D models repositories in the web that will be accessible by upcoming generation of WebGL-enabled web browers.