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FOX: The Focus Sliding Surface Metaphor for Natural Exploration of Massive Models on Large-scale Light Field Displays

Fabio Marton, Marco Agus, Giovanni Pintore and Enrico Gobbetti

In Proc. ACM SIGGRAPH VRCAI, December 2011

  • Date: December 2011
  • Production: CRS4 - D
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    We report on a virtual environment for natural immersive exploration of extremely detailed surface models on light field displays. Our specialized 3D user interface allows casual users to inspect 3D objects at various scales, integrating panning, rotating, and zooming controls into a single low-degree-of-freedom operation, while taking into account the requirements for comfortable viewing on a light field display hardware. Specialized multiresolution structures, embedding a fine-grained per-patch spatial index within a coarse-grained patch-based mesh structure, are exploited for fast batched I/O, GPU accelerated rendering, and user-interaction-system-related geometric queries. The capabilities of the system are demonstrated by the interactive inspection of a giga-triangle dataset on a large scale 35MPixel light field display controlled by wired or vision-based devices.