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GPU Accelerated Direct Volume Rendering on an Interactive Light Field Display

Marco Agus, Enrico Gobbetti, José Antonio Iglesias Guitián, Fabio Marton, and Giovanni Pintore

Computer Graphics Forum, 27(3), 2008. Proc. Eurographics 2008

  • Date: April 2008
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    We present a GPU accelerated volume ray casting system interactively driving a multi-user light field display. The display, driven by a single programmable GPU, is based on a specially arranged array of projectors and a holographic screen and provides full horizontal parallax. The characteristics of the display are exploited to develop a specialized volume rendering technique able to provide multiple freely moving naked-eye viewers the illusion of seeing and manipulating virtual volumetric objects floating in the display workspace. In our approach, a GPU ray-caster follows rays generated by a multiple-center-of-projection technique while sampling pre-filtered versions of the dataset at resolutions that match the varying spatial accuracy of the display. The method achieves interactive performance and provides rapid visual understanding of complex volumetric data sets even when using depth oblivious compositing techniques.