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URBAN: Uniformed Reconstructions of the Brain Available on the Net

Fabio Bettio,Andrea Giachetti,Francesca Frexia,Enrico Gobbetti, and Giovanni Pintore

  • Date: 06/2004
  • Production: CRS4 - D
  • Encoding: DivX
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    Rendering of a real monkey brain, dataset is based on coronally sliced cryosection images from which a 1024x818x100 sample grid has been obtained. Specimen's brain was frozen and cryoplaned, hence closely spaced (300 micron) images of the specimen blockface were digitally acquired and automatically realigned on the digital photos of the microtome's cut. The 3D structure was completed with neurons acquired via microscope. In the front view, the isosurface reconstruction of the brain. In the background, a snapshot of the 3D brain reconstruction and rendering system.

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