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Real and Virtual Surgical Procedures on the Temporal Bone

Marco Agus, Fabio Bettio, Andrea Giachetti, Enrico Gobbetti, Gianluigi Zanetti, Antonio Zorcolo, Michele D'Anteo, Stefano Sellari Franceschini, and Simone Valori

Presented at: IEEE Virtual Reality Conference, Conference held in Los Angeles, CA, USA, March 22-26, 2003.

  • Date: 10/2002
  • Duration: 00:08:30
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    Bone dissection is an important component of many surgical procedures. We have developed a haptc and visual simulator for this surgical procedure, directly operating on a voxel discretization of patient-specific 3D CT and MR imaging data. In this video, we demonstrate a visual comparison of real and virtual surgical procedures on the temporal bone. These results were obtained within the framework of the European Union IERAPSI project (EU-IST-1999-12175).

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