There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio...

  1. Actually a relational database may consist of multiple linked tables which, along with a suitable manipulation system (RDBMS), should comply with strictly defined rules, described in Codd EF, A relational model of data for large shared data banks, Communications of the ACM, 13, 6:377-387, 1970 and subsequent technical papers. We do not linger over this topic 

  2. The latter are based on hypercube representation, where all similar information is grouped along the same axis, making search operations easier. See the Technical Corner for more details. The multidimensional model better reflects the intrinsic structure of a dataset: the relationships between the various data are more obvious and the operations of manipulation of the objects are in general more performing, see for example Collins J, An assessment of multi-dimensional databases and their use,, 2003 

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  5. For an example of a spatial database and the operations that it can support, see Samet H, Alborzi H, Brabec F, Esperança C, Hjaltason GR, Morgan F, and Tanin E, Use of the SAND spatial browser for digital government applications, Communications of the ACM, 46(1):63-66, 2003 

  6. Other consumer electronics products are moving in this direction; see, for example, the geotagging feature of the latest cameras 

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  9. The interview was conducted on 22/07/2015 by myself and Andrea Mameli at the Is Molas Hotel in Pula, whom we thank for hosting us. We also wish to thank Hanan for the effort he has devoted to improving this focus, including the English style and grammar. 



  12. It is important to stress the difference between multidimensional databases (as opposed to relational ones, see the Technical Corner) and multidimensional data

  13. Also see the article Samet H, Sankaranarayanan J, Lieberman MD, Adelfio MD, Fruin BC, Lotkowski JM, Panozzo D, Sperling J and Teitler BE, Reading news with maps by exploiting spatial synonyms, Communications of the ACM, 57(10):64-77, 2014 found at as well as the accompanying video at 

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  15. We assume a flat Earth approximation 

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