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Sequencing and Genotyping Platform


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Established in 2007 by the President of CRS4, Prof. Paolo Zanella, a former Head of the European Bioinformatics Institute near Cambridge in the UK, the Sequencing and Genotyping Platform offers a wide range of advanced genomic characterization techniques.
Offering its expertise in the field of gene expression and high processivity genotyping, researchers of the Platform provide partnership, scientific and technological know-how, advanced plant and equipment to aim the execution of high-tech projects. Research of the group is focused on the identification, isolation and characterization of genes and genetic pathways. They study diseases with a strong genetic component and high prevalence in the sardinian population like type I diabetes and multiple sclerosis, two autoimmune pathologies.

Researchers provide a quality support in the field of genetics and of molecular biology. The platform represents a technological resource not only for Technology Park researchers but even for external customers.

Thanks to its infrastructure, it provides experiment of:


microarray with different methodologies and approaches for expression or genomics studies
Sanger method to sequencing genomics DNA fragments

  • massive DNA fragments “sequencing by synthesis” of oligonucleotides using reversible terminator-based sequencing chemistry .