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Process Engineering and Combustion

The Process Engineering and Combustion (PEC) Research Program is focused on the development of environmental and economically sustainable technologies and on the achievement of scientific excellence in the fields of process engineering and energy production. This goal is accomplished through the development of dedicated mathematical models and through numerical simulation on high-end computing architectures.

Our strength is in the integration of a multidisciplinary analysis of the problems, in the experience in theoretical model development, and in the technical expertise in development and usage of high performance software.

The activities concern the study and optimization of combustion systems, focusing on the improvement of process efficiency and pollutant reduction, the study of low impact processes, the study of non-conventional fuels such as hydrogen and biomass, and the study of clean coal technologies.

Other activities include the study and simulation of systems for new generation nuclear power plants, the simulation of systems for particle physics experiments, the application to other fields of the theoretical models and numerical tools developed within the group.



Program Head: Luca Massidda
Administrative assistant: Rossella Serri