A collaborative Web application for multi-platform TV


Maurizio Agelli,


Production and distribution of television programs requires considerable investment and is traditionally carried out in a centralized way. On the Web, however, the publication of contents is based on a highly distributed model, to the point that, in the so-called Web 2.0 applications, the edge between those who produce and those who consume the contents tends to disappear. Adapting the Web 2.0 participatory model to the television context opens the way for a decentralized production of programs, open to the contributions of a variety of people. This makes it possible the low-cost production of thematic TV channels such as those of emergent artists (concerts, films, theater piece, etc.), scientific communities and cultural associations (seminars, lectures, experiments, etc.), tourism organizations, etc.


CreaTiVù is an open-source application for the production of TV channels. The application is designed for the automatic construction of listings of television programs from an archive of clips powered by a community of users. TV programs are created on the basis of customizable templates. Among its possible uses are also digital signage (i.e, the electronic evolution of the traditional signage) and business TV channels. CreaTiVù is licensed under GPLv3.

Innovative features

  • brings the Web 2.0 on a multiplatform TV;
  • scalable architecture for storing, processing and delivery of resources;
  • customisable layouts;
  • automatic and assisted channel generation;
  • Web-based and real-time control and supervision;
  • easy to integrate with other platforms;
  • allows the editorial staff to define program schedules.

Potential users

Editors and software developers.

Impact sectors

Education - Tourism - Entertainment - Trade - Services to citizens - Infotainment.

Other resources

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