Augmented Brochure


Massimo Deriu, valorisation@crs4.it


Today we are surrounded by many digital technologies which impact our lives in different ways. We use them to accomplish various tasks in our work, as well as in our spare time and holiday. But despite we get more and more into technology sometimes we continue to prefer traditional approaches. It is the case of the tourism industry where paper brochures and leaflets are still important also when compared to apps and Web sites. Brochures remain one of the most commonly used tourist information services, as many people collect them from the information points when they arrive in a location. Augmenting a brochure with videos means improving the advertise contents on the great things to do and/or to discover during the stay.


The Augmented Brochure provides a new way of story-telling that spans both printed and audiovisual media. The application involves visual tracking: whereby pages embed visual tags that get recognised by a camera. The acquired tag data allow the current page to be associated with one or more related videos that are then displayed on the monitor. Our systems have been installed in a variety of fairs and temporary exhibitions. These include:

  • Sardegna District: january 2009 - december 2014;
  • Fiera di Cagliari: may 2014;
  • Futuro prossimo. Riscriviamo insieme la città e i territori. Organized by the Municipality of Cagliari for Cagliari 2019 European Capital of Culture: may - september 2014.

Innovative features

  • it merges printed and audiovisual media in a way that they complement one another rather than competing against each other for attention. Since people like reading in print, the underlying message is reinforced by means of the intriguing interactive experience;
  • it offers to the tourists new solutions for providing useful information on the area attractions and other turistic issues.

Potential users

Augmented Brochure is intended for all users.

Impact sectors

Tourism and local area development (expos and fairs) - Infotainment (reception areas) - Trade (interactive shops).

Other resources

  1. A. Soro, M. Deriu, G. Paddeu, Natural exploration of multimedia contents, Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Advances in Mobile Computing and Multimedia, 2009.

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