Visual Computing Lab

The fields of science, engineering and technology are increasingly defined by a data driven approach to research and development. In this context of emerging data-intensive knowledge discovery and data analysis, efficient and interactive data exploration methodologies become paramount. Visual analysis by means of interactive visualization and inspection of spatial information and data embedded in three-dimensions is a particularly efficient approach to gaining insight into the structure and implications of large data sets, and CRS4 is at the forefront in this area of research.
CRS4 combines a strong research and development program in Visual Computing with the state-of-the-art computational and visualization resources of the Visual Computing Lab. Computational and network resources, which include high speed networks and hybrid GPU/CPU clusters, are complemented by state-of-the-art user interaction and visualization hardware. Acquisition devices include PHANToM force feedback arms, camera arrays, as well as commercial and custom-made 3D trackers. The range of available display devices goes from high resolution visualization walls to experimental light-field displays delivering fully 3D interactive images to multiple naked-eye observers.
As a complement to our research and development activities, we are also providing specialized visualization, production, and post-production services to all other CRS4 research groups.


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