The research activity addresses the application of engineering sciences, methods, and techniques to medical, biologic and environmental-territorial issues. This field of research is rooted in physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, life earth sciences.

Considerable expertise in several bioengineering topics such as tissue engineering, cell proliferation, growth and differentiation as well as in the GIS (Geographic Information System) and DSS (Decision Support System) design is available. Mathematical models and simulation computer codes have been implemented oh high performance computing platforms and developed to quantitatively interpret biological and anthropic processes to optimize the corresponding operating conditions, to design specific experimental equipments and to identify spatial relationships between heterogeneous data sources. Current research themes include:

  • Cell proliferation, growth and differentiation
  • Tissue engineering
  • Metabolic pathways and oxygen consumption in tissues and living cells
  • CO2 sequestration through microalgae and biofuels production
  • GIS technologies for the medical and environmental-territorial data correlation
  • Decision Support Systems

Close collaboration with national and international companies, universities and research centers is quite active.

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