Network Distributed Applications at CRS4

The main goal of the Network Distributed Applications (NDA) area is the study, the research and the experimentation of new technologies in the field of the Internet/WWW applications. The research activity of the area, is aimed at designing and developing software systems, platform independent, based on network-centric paradigm, distributed object technologies and service-oriented architectures and built on open and “de-facto” standards.

Our main research and development themes are the following:

Collaborative, distributed and semantic search engines
The research focused on studying, developing and testing of new patterns and integrated tools to improve the quality of search engines results, with the main objective of satisfying user needs.

Mobile, Wireless and Embedded Applications
Study and development of new application models for mobile devices, wireless networks and embedded applicances; research on embedded software agents for physical devices and interface with real-world.

Patterns and Architectures for Ubiquitous Computing
The goal is to define new patterns and architectures for the design and development of ubiquitous applications.

Semantic Web
Develop and test data models and patterns for realizing semantics aware applications and services. Our research activity focuses on Semantic Web, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Web Mining and Text Categorization as necessary components of semantic-based systems. We study aspects related to the semantic indexing and automatic categorization of web resources by means of text analysis and categorization techniques and more in general related to the syntactic and semantic analysis in order to resolve relations and lexical ambiguity inherent in natural languages.